Local Attractions

Things to see and do right here in Lander.

Lander City Park

Join us here for the weekly farmer's market. There are also trade fairs, art exhibits and Movies in the Park.

Museum of the American West

Buildings from days gone by in a beautiful, natural setting. There are examples of machinery and artifacts that depict the lives of early settlers to the Lander area.

Downtown Lander

Enjoy the uniqueness of downtown Lander with great food, shops, and history

The Area around lander

There are so many things to see and do in close proximity to Maverick RV Park and Campground. We are conveniently located near Yellowstone, the Tetons and Jackson Hole.
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Sinks Canyon State Park

Sinks Canyon is a rugged area near the southern Wind River Mountains in Wyoming. Located on the eastern slope of the mountains, the canyon is named for a the area called “The Sinks,” where the river vanishes underground near the mouth of the canyon.
The “Sinks” of Sinks Canyon is a large cavern where the rushing river flows into cracks and crevices in the cavern floor and disappears underground. The river reappears down canyon in a large pool called “The Rise.”

Red Canyon

Red Canyon is a canyon located in Fremont County, Wyoming. Oxidized iron deposits in the rocks give the canyon its name' near Lander
Red Canyon Creek drains the canyon and feeds into the Little Popo Agie River at the northern end. The streams provide habitat for wildlife in an otherwise arid region.
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